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Central West Emmaus

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Emmaus Central West Community covers a large part of New South Wales, Australia. Our area includes and extends from Lithgow in the East to Broken Hill in the West, about a thousand kilometres by road and almost nine hundred in a straight line. 


This is a temporary page while the official community website is being rebuilt. It may be a bit messy from time to time (as it's hosted on a freemium server at the free level) but the three things I'm concerned with here are content, content and content. Any problems or suggestions please contact webservant Andrew Alder using this link or the the Contact the owner link below. 



About the Walk to Emmaus


Contact us

For all inquiries to Central West Emmaus please use this link or the the Contact the owner link at the bottom of the page (they should both take you to the same form) and your inquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate person.. 


Calendar 2020



Our next Gathering will be held on Saturday November 28th at Bathurst Church of Christ, Wark Parade Windradyne, behind Westpoint shopping centre, at 2pm.


We will also meet for lunch beforehand, BYO food as we are not allowed to share per COVID19 restrictions, from around 1.00pm. Tea and coffee will be available in disposable cups. Lunch will be followed by the Gathering at 2. There will be no supper after this Gathering.


If you received the latest newsletter by email you should receive an invitation to the Gathering in due course. If not and you'd like to participate, contact the Webservant (links above and below).


The Board will meet that morning as is our normal practice. Our previous meeting took place on 19th September by Zoom, and Board members should have received:

  • the minutes of 19th September
  • the Agenda for November 28th
  • the by-laws for discussion
  • a request from the National Webmaster for information

(if not contact the Webservant).


Our most recent Gathering was also on Saturday, 19th September, by Zoom owing to the COVID-19 restrictions.


All are welcome at Gatherings. We have a time of worship and Holy Communion (even by Zoom!).


Pre COVID-19 our practice was to have a light supper afterwards. So when we get back to a new normal, bring a plate to share if you can. If you have attended a Walk (or Kairos, Chrysalis, Allarga, Cursillo, Torch, or similar, anywhere in the world) bring your worship book, badge and cross if you can still find them. But mainly, come.



The Board normally meets at 9:30am on the morning and at the venue of the Gathering, and for lunch there afterwards, to save some travel time. Everyone is welcome to join us at lunch, normally we all bring food to share, but for now BYO everything (we may have a cuppa in a disposable cup but stay tuned) and RSVP during COVID19 restrictions. See above for what you should have already received.



Walks are currently suspended.


We are hoping to have a set of walks in 2021 at around the same times as was planned for 2020... Late August and/or early September. Dates to be advised.


All other activities are currently suspended


Latest newsletter

Emmaus Newsletter September 2020.pdf


Previous newsletters

Central West Emmaus Newsletter May 2020.pdf


Newsletter February 2020.pdf

Newsletter February 2020.docx 


Newsletter Nov 19.docx

Newsletter November 2019.pdf 


Newsletter October 2019.docx

Newsletter October 2019.pdf  


Newsletter August 2019 Final.docx  (2.14 MB)

Newsletter August 2019 Final.pdf


Follow us on facebook and other links


To link to this page you can use http://tinyURL.com/CWEmmaus


See https://www.emmaus.org.au/index.php/community.html for a list of community web pages including this one 


http://www.centralwest.emmaus.org.au/ is our normal web address, it currently may not link to anything while the National website is being redeveloped but is the address to bookmark in the long term


El Camino, watercolour by Anne Christie. Used by permission.

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