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the normal reason

Page history last edited by Andrew Alder 4 years, 7 months ago

The normal reason something sounds stupid is that it is.

But sometimes it's just you being stupid in not seeing the obvious.


The normal reason something seems too good to be true is that it is.

But you do sometimes see a bargain.


The normal reason people get ripped off is that a conman persuades them that they're ripping him off.

And it serves them right.


The normal reason people say and do stupid things is that they're human.

There are stupid people, but they are a lot rarer than stupid words and actions.


The normal reason that they say it can't be done is that it can't.

But if everyone thought that way, we'd still be naked and eating berries and raw shellfish.


The normal reason you came second is that the other guy was better on the day.

But there's tomorrow.


The normal reason people die on Australian roads is that someone was drunk, tired, speeding or all three.

But it's often someone else who dies.


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