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some business opportunities

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Plastic bags


See plastic bag rubbish for the motivation for this, and what the types mean!


Type 1, 2 and 3 bags are not available retail. There's obviously a demand. Type 7 bags are available, but not with handles in a convenient size.


Of course replacing free type 1 bags with retail type 1 bags (in packs of 20 say, but I'd happily buy 100) doesn't help the environment. On the other hand, replacing type 4 with type 1 is extremely desirable unless the type 4 are reused, and it seems doubtful that they are or will be... remembering that type 4 have been available for many years from Aldi (paid), David Jones (free) and many other retail outlets, and there has been not a lot of reuse. 


But the best solution is to provide type 3 bags in packs of say 20, and again, I'd happily buy 100.


More to follow. 


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