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the UFU

Page history last edited by Andrew Alder 4 years, 7 months ago


Warning... rude words follow. If you are under 12 do not let your parents see you reading this. It will offend them.


As those who have read somebody got paid for that will know, I had a VW Jetta with a towbar and a clever computer interface and a trailer with clever LED lights just like the Jetta and with competent design that would have been fine but it wasn't.


But it's not a difficult problem to solve. For $50 or so (or $4 or so plus postage on the Internet) you can buy four load resistors that will fool your stupid car into thinking the trailer has incadescent lights.


Warning. These things get hot. If you mount them in the wrong place you'll end up looking like the final scene of Easy Rider. And they don't come with any instructions.


I've mounted mine in a metal box that sits on the trailer drawbar, with a female socket mounted on the metal box that takes the trailer wiring plug, and a matching male plug on a metre of so of cable that plugs in to the socket on the car's towbar.


I call it the unfucker unit. 




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