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semi pneumatic

Page history last edited by Andrew Alder 5 years, 8 months ago

The story:


I have a ride-on mower that I use every few months, and it suffers two perennial problems... batteries, and tyres (or tires for those of you who live in the jungle somehere).


Overall I'm happy with it. I paid top dollar and got a top product, and at my age that was a good thing to do.


And I think I've solved the battery problem. I've just bought my third battery, the first was replaced under warranty after two years. Another two years down the track, and the second has just failed. But think... these are cranking batteries. They don't like to be deep cycled. But the bloody rideon has a computer, which is great most of the time (as computers tend to be) but has drawbacks (as computers do)... one of which is, it's probably always drawing a trickle of current. Which explains the perennial flat batteries. But probably more important, it deep cycles the battery. 


So, I'll just install a battery isolator, and I'm hoping for more than two years from this battery. I'll keep you posted. (Sigh... somebody got paid for that design.)


So tyres... it has pneumatic tyres. But why? I'm not rallying the thing. Wouldn't semi-pneumatic ones, or even solid rubber, do the job? The semi pneumatic ones look particularly attractive.


And, I already have four good tyre cases. All I really need is some way of putting a semi-pneumatic core into them.


Some interesting links confirm this:




Watch this space.





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