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Index of energy issues

Page history last edited by Andrew Alder 1 month, 1 week ago

Despite the name "Index..." this is something of a bucket, in that the pages are in no particular order here

All of my Index pages are like that


Disclosure: I am convinced that Nuclear Power is an important part of any rational energy policy, as the pages linked below probably make clear. I do have agendas like everyone else but I try to make them transparent, partly but not only because that helps me to be honest with myself, which I think we all need to try to do. See here and here for more of this philosophy.  


a nuclear timeline




the pathetic PR record of nuclear power


fissile why the NRC needs to do better...






nuclear homework


why on earth did they build the RBMK

why on earth did they build the BWR


Hydrogen is nasty stuff


lifecycle costing


fissile and fissionable 


The upside of Chernobyl


Some nukes are better than others


how to promote nuclear power

Why to promote nuclear power


The green nuclear backdown


ABF means "anything but fission"


The colours of Green



The Nuclear Tipping Point


Greenpeace is a great idea but...


nuclear nightmares sometimes past events make it difficult to be rational


what happens when you do not go nuclear some ongoing research


pollies and participants assess the assessor...


crossover period why nuclear (fission) power makes the earth permanently less radioactive, but fusion will make it more radioactive (not what you've been told?)


Energy reality four things you may find surprising

and The solved problem of nuclear waste is just part of one of them


The Linear No Thought Model or LNT Dishonesty? By Hanlon's_razor we should call it incompetence, but it's more likely a bit of both 


the NPT (it really does deserve a chance)


Climate change denial and the anti nuclear movement a radical but logical thought


sex lies and nuclear power and you've been told some whoppers 


ITER etc the bad news and the good, but it's mostly bad  


fool grade a fascinating story


a double skeptic and the double skeptic


Greenwashing sauce for the goose...


Are nukes economically viable


and more to follow



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