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good ideas

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Some of the ideas I have had that I would love others to run with. If anyone else thinks they will work of course.


Most good ideas don't work. Ask any successful inventor.


If you do make any of them work after seeing them here I'd like some credit of course. But God is my judge. Mainly I'd just like to see them used.




Management theory



If the rules are too restrictive, that's at least as bad as not restrictive enough. Because they won't be followed, so they will be ineffective.


The difference between a policy and a guideline is that before breaking a policy you need to get approval from your boss, while after breaking a guideline you need to get approval from your boss. There's no other difference. You should otherwise follow both.


To break a policy or guideline or any other valid instruction, you need to appeal to the level of management that issued it. No higher, and no lower. Any instruction can be appealed.





Date format

Alder Date Format (it works for me)


Fallback theory

If you have a big box and a little box, critical production should normally run on the little one. This is the opposite of normal practice. See fallback theory.


WORM drives

They should make a comeback. Should not have been allowed to lapse. See WORM drives.


Compilation etc of code

Storage is cheap. The output of a compiler should have multiple versions of the executable. For the current Intel architecture, for example, there should be eight copies all in the same file. There should be 8, 16, 32 and 64 bit executables, and for each there should be a version with the source code imbedded as comments, and one without.


If the compiler etc is working these should all be logically identical. (That's no guarantee of course that they will run identically. But it's a start.) Load time is the time that you decide which of the eight to load. If you're on a 64 bit machine and performance of this module matters above all else, then the bare 64 bit code is loaded. If you're chasing a very subtle bug, then the 8 bit commented version is loaded. And many other cases in between.




a middle east peace from a logician's perspective


birdproof antenna

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