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Page history last edited by Andrew Alder 1 year, 11 months ago

A page on human behaviour and often also relevant to energy issues 


Just as I believe we all have faith of some sort, so I believe we all have agendas.


I try to recognise and disclose and take responsibility for mine. And I recommend this!


There are I think three sorts of agenda:


  • There are those that we have but don't recognise.
  • There are those we have and recognise but don't admit to others.
  • There are those that we are open and honest about having. 


It's that second sort I try to avoid! And recommend you do too.


And there are many sources of agendas. For example (not a complete list and some of these overlap obviously):


  • Our background: Our national culture, our social standing in that culture, education, friends and family, religious upbringing . Even the sporting teams we grew up following.
  • Our personal story: Sexual identity and experiences, career, triumphs, traumas and tragedies. 
  • Our current circumstances and aspirations: How we are financing ourselves, other things we are trying to achieve, what we hope to be remembered for doing.


It's only the last that most people think of when they talk of agendas. This is the sort of thing sometimes described as a political_agenda, and they are very important in understanding our own opinions and those of others. But there is much more to it than that. 


And if you'd like to see what agendas I admit to having, see what am I on about.


More to follow, watch this space... or see pollies and participants for some related thoughts. Or if you're really brave try how to reveal yourself.



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