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battery recycling

Page history last edited by Andrew Alder 3 years, 4 months ago

Some interesting comments on Quora recently about how alkaline batteries and the older dry cells they replace are recycled... or even whether they are.


One participant linked to




which states in part (under 3. The main battery recycling process, section Alkaline batteries - the recycling process)


The batteries are pyrolyzed at temperatures of 700°C and the mercury is recovered by distillation.


And this is strange. Because alkaline cells no longer contain mercury. But that page appears to be a recent post.


The mercury that alkaline cells used to contain was the thing that made recycling economic, and also the biggest environmental concern. But like the disposable mercury_battery it has now been generally banned. 


The same page also says (Under 2. What types of batteries can be recycled?  section Alkaline batteries)


Due to restrictions on the use of mercury in alkaline batteries since 1996, they have become safe for normal waste disposal (these are considered common waste). Although not a major hazard to the environment, alkaline batteries can be recycled. Alkaline batteries contain materials that can be reused such as zinc, magnesium or iron. Although the recycling process is difficult and dangerous, there are still recycling plants that accept alkaline batteries.


Watch this space!





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