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What am I on about

Page history last edited by Andrew Alder 2 months ago


What am I on about? Good question! One I hope everyone asks themselves and I know they don't. Which is very sad, see judgement.


In no particular order:




I am a scholar

Repeatedly but not always rejected by so called universities, it took me ages to realise that I don't need anyone's permission to be one, and that I always have been one.


I was a very difficult student. I don't think that's an excuse and hope I have never given it. Levi-Civita said the same thing about Einstein, who turned out to be his most gifted and important pupil.


I have a passionate faith in knowledge and education which is reflected I hope in these pages, and in my commitment to Quora and Wikipedia. I have found contributing to both of those enormously educational for myself. See The Wikipedia Creed for more on this.


And I also have tremendous faith in the emerging generation. They learn critical reading and genres in primary school. They already know how to use Wikipedia properly. They will not be nearly so easily fooled as my generation has proved to be. 


I am a Christian

And I hope it shows in these pages. The link above to judgement is an example. It is openly evangelistic. I hope and pray it will lead some to Jesus.


I'm a rather difficult and radical one. I think that's what Jesus wants of all of his followers, but some of us succeed in being more difficult than others! (;->


I am an environmentalist

And again (wait for it) a rather difficult and in some ways radical one. As these pages probably make obvious.


See particularly renewablegreenwashing or any of my energy issues pages. 


I am into empowerment

One of the most helpful books I have ever read is When I Say No, I Feel Guilty. It told me so much about what I had been doing wrong up until then, and still often do.


But it's not about manipulating people. Just the opposite. It's about mutual empowerment, accepting responsibility.. lots of good stuff. It's been said elsewhere too, by the developers of transaction analysis and even by me. Teamwork is also a big part of it, which is one of the reasons I like Wikipedia (on its day).


And every page here is part of it. They may not change the world, but someone reading them just may. Perhaps even you!


I have agendas

We all do. I hope I keep them under rational control. I hope you do the same with yours. And if you find it easy, that's probably bad news. See agendas and how to reveal yourself


And I have hobbyhorses which is not the same thing but obviously related.


I am a musician

I love to write songs and to play and to sing. I have been in several garage bands that got no commercial recognition but we did gig and we did sometimes get paid! I'm now finally recording my back catalog, and continuing to write.


I'm particularly passionate about coaching church drummers, and setting up church drum kits properly. Another long battle!


I am single and retired

And likely to stay that way. I know Enry_Iggins said the same. But that is fiction. Mind you, nothing is complete fiction, and My Fair Lady is more perceptive than most.


Other trivia: Also white, male and heterosexual. Some would assume anglo-saxon but actually more celtic. You could probably call me an Australian Born Scot. And very Australian. Both of my parents and all of my grandparents were born in Australia. I own a Red Robertson kilt and wear it with pride.


But I respect others. And I didn't just say try to respect. I believe I actually succeed! But I don't always find that easy either. And my observation is, it's far more difficult (and not just for me) than many assume and claim. So if you find it easy, perhaps you're not trying hard enough?


This page constantly under review













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