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some other human rights you take for granted

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A page on human rights  also concerning peace and human behaviour and some good ideas


Not even a draft at this stage, more a promise, and may even be obsoleted by another look at human rights you take for granted


I think there are a few things that the Universal_Declaration_of_Human_Rights leaves out. And again, it's something that I think a logician might help with. So here goes.


These headings do overlap a great deal. 





Everyone has a right to know who they are and where they come from. Who their biological parents are, and who their birth mother was. 



Security means more than just knowing that nobody will shoot at you or your family or blow them up with a bomb or missile. It means having food, shelter, and affordable medical care, including for example the best drugs even if you can't pay the high prices that other people can afford. 



The right to be loved by your parents. To conceive a child that you do not want should be seen as a crime against humanity, and prosecuted as such.


The right to be respected, and to feel respected.



The right to develop and use your talents and follow your passions.


There are many aspects to this, including but not only education, access to the Internet, modern tools and home appliances, and electricity to power them. 



This has more teeth than you would think. It includes for example the ability to travel and associate with those of your choice, and to marry someone of your choice regardless of the religious standards of the government of the day in your locality.


Access to the Internet is part of this too. 


Some practical applications

Air travel

At present, air travel is the only practical way for most people to travel to other continents, which may be necessary for social reasons (such as visiting family), cultural reasons (such as seeing the paintings you most enjoy) or opportunities (such as study  conferring with peers, or many other things).


So affordable air travel is a human right of itself, at this state of technology. This has profound implications for the reduction of fossil fuel usage. , is 



Affordable energy supply, particularly electricity, is a necessity of modern life. 



Much, much more to follow



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