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mobile phones

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A page of possibly good ideas




Three business opportunities that I hope someone will take.


Dumb phones

We should have the option of dumb phones. No updates. No apps. Just a 'phone. They would not be for everyone. But they would empower many elderly and otherwise abled people. 


Car cradles

We should have wireless car cradles. Something like Qi_charging but adding a signal path.


Just put the properly enabled 'phone in the cradle and it charges and goes on handsfree.


No connectors. No pairing. No security hassles. Just simple, usable, appropriate technology that would give bluetooth a run for its money.


Radiationless headsets

Some fear the radiation from mobile (cellular) telephones.


Some use a Bluetooth earpiece to avoid putting the phone transmitter right next to your brain. But that just puts a transmitter of a different frequency (and admittedly lower power) right next to your brain. And generally, it stays there for longer.


Why not use a pair of plastic tubes instead, as was done with early airliner entertainment system headsets? They used two tubes for right and left channels, while this would use one for the earpiece and the other for the microphone.


Attach them somehow to the 'phone. Adjust the frequency equalisation of both the earphone and the microphone to compensate for the tube. Surely, the technology exists to do that?


And surely, some people would prefer to buy 'phones that did that well?


And meantime, surely they would buy kits for existing 'phones that did it not so well but still did it, even though acoustic EQ was all they could offer?


Or the most expensive and least convenient but bulletproof solution, have a separate unit that works with the 'phone (connecting by either a connector or Bluetooth) and contains its own microphone and loudspeaker, engineered to suit the plastic tubes that lead to the headset? 


Is that a business opportunity for someone?



And they are now available! Not from the 'phone manufacturers as far as I know, but from third parties.


I do not believe they are necessary, but if you think there is a danger, here's how to greatly reduce it. That's assuming you believe the science of radiation exposure.



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