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another look at human rights you take for granted

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A page on human rights, obviously, but I had to put that link somewhere


Why this page


The more I work on some other human rights you take for granted the more important that idea seems to be. But that page is so messy that I'm going to start again.


This time I will include some that most people don't think they take for granted. Because by their actions they do.




Some raw thought

  • Every person on Earth (maybe... almost every person, anyway) has good reasons to want to use more electricity, whether for a less pollutive car than the petroleum-powered one they now drive or for their very first computer, or Internet connection, or telephone, or refrigerator.
  • Everyone has the right to know who their parents are, and to be loved and wanted by them
  • Everyone has the right to pass their possessions on to their children either at their own death or beforehand 
  • Everyone has the right to freedom of movement (to the extent that it doesn't infringe on the rights of others of course)
  • Everyone has the right to residency and citizenship, particularly in the land of their ancestors
  • Everyone has the right to hope for the future
  • Everyone has the right to have their basic human needs met 

More to follow I am sure 


Some applications

  • Affordable, sustainable electricity is not just a cornerstone of sustainable development, but a question of human rights
  • Adoption and AID have some complications

And more to follow here too 




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