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An attempt at the middle path


A recent and I thought helpful if provocative question on Quora was
Do all pro-choicers think we, who are pro-life, are wicked monsters? 
Quora deleted my answer, remarking This post can be restored by the Quora moderation team, but not giving any link for me to request that.
I think it might be helpful, so as Quora doesn't want it, here it is.

Why this page

As I said in my reply below, I consider myself a Christian, but also closer to the pro-choice side.


But it doesn't seem to me that either side is either considering the issues, or doing a good job of supporting those who are affected.


My reply

Q: Do all pro-choicers think we, who are pro-life, are wicked monsters?


A: Not in my experience. But we who preach the middle path observe that both sides think that the other is something like that, and that both sides are too busy worrying about that to do their homework.


Pro-life people think that the Bible says that life begins at conception, or something like that. The Bible actually says that we do not know and are not going to be told. That’s in some ways equally serious and challenging, or even more so. But let us get it right.


Pro-choice people think that human rights and identity begin at birth, or something like that. The experience of many women makes this an equally dubious position.


I tend to be closer to the pro-choice position than pro-life, but regard myself as a Christian.


But I am pro-person and pro-child. The more serious moral position is that every person has a desire and a right to know who they are and where they came from, and to be loved and affirmed by their parents.


Irresponsible procreation is a crime against humanity. If it leads to an abortion being considered, the rights of the child have already been torn to shreds. They are the biggest loser in any possible outcome. And those responsible should be held responsible for that.


Teach that in schools, and the next generation will not have the problem we have (and we do) with tragic abortions. Legislate it right now, and the current generation will have less of a problem.


But that requires a lot more courage than demonising others does.


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