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a little experiment

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just click on a link below to play.






PDF files work well for finished or baselined documents, ones that nobody should ever edit again, as the free PDF reader is readily available for most platforms.


MS-Word is one possible format for formatted documents that are still going to be edited. Actually, it's more a set of formats, as each version of Word has made the structure richer and more complex. Word 6 format is a particularly popular version for file distribution, as it's both rich in features, and fairly well supported both by later versions of Word and also by other word-processing programs. A free reader is available, and should be included in any archive that uses any Word format, but your customer may still lack a platform on which to run the reader.


RTF is another option, but is not as widely used as Word 6 format, for some good reasons I won't go into here. But it is human-readable and has its advantages and supporters.

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