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Page history last edited by Andrew Alder 1 year, 8 months ago

Welcome to alderspace

This is a part of the thoughtspace of Andrew John Alder, of Hobbys Yards, Australia.


It's hosted on a freemium site and is easy to update, low bandwidth, and messy. Tough. The content is here. If you are more impressed by flashy graphics than by content, then maybe you don't belong here. All the best!


What am I on about?



The best of alderspace

This list will probably vary from time to time reflectiing my mood of the moment


power George Orwell said it far better than I can, and doesn't it explain a lot

newstainment food for thought

judgment what really matters

is your techie fooling you badly they do fool most people... including themselves at times... yes, really....

how to reveal yourself without really trying be very afraid!

energy reality Greta is right and we all know she is

and some other unpopular essays


The rest of alderspace


Index pages

These are unsorted, buckets if you like.


Music index

Index of Theology

Index of sexual issues

Index of energy issues

other environmental issues


human behaviour

Unpopular essays

good ideas

the JFK shooting



Carl Barks

index of homework pages



some pages more or less at random, but more recent thoughts tend to be towards the top


Why the Sun chases the Moon


9DW stories don't get much better... but not everyone wants this one in Wikipedia


the bel




Nobody knows the lot


a managed forest


worth a read whoever wrote it


save the Planet Pluto


Union Churches


the expert and the others


Energy reality


Climate change denial and the anti nuclear movement


The JFK shooting seen from 2019


Red in the Night


how to be lonely


sex and the rights of children


Caster Semenya and similar


a double skeptic




The Linear No Thought model or LNT


Patrick Moore


a man walks into a bar


Unpopular essays (mine, but I stole the title from Bertrand Russell of course)


Sexuality and the Church


somebody got paid for that


nothing could be dumber  




plastic bag rubbish




Origin of Species vs the Bible 


Islam and Christianity in a few words 


Scattered Community


Management by objectives


porcupine balls


sex lies and Nuclear Power


Roman or Catholic or neither or both


the story tellers creed


a perfect world


fool grade - One of the biggest lies told by the anti-nuclear industry, but maybe it's not really their fault


Passion a concert at Bathurst on 26 March 2018, not to be missed if you're in the area and like good music


ITER etc so sad as to be funny....


how to make money


the normal reason


is your techie fooling you badly


UHT cream


Central West Emmaus 2018




crossover period


Important things I have learned since turning sixty


The relevance of the Church




Proofs that all odd numbers are pime


Duke of Brittany


come the revolution


trailer load resistor


not World War III


a dream about drugs




image editors


pro wrestling


on What is Funny


six star generals etc


will the moderate moslems please stand up


Marriage maybes


Covered by the Blood


Not the Carl Barks universe  


The Howard Donahue theory on the JFK assassination  


some favourite quotations  


how to fix the world


how to reveal yourself without really trying


a middle east peace 




the Letters to the Corinthians


the Lost Ten Tribes


why Wikipedia can do better


midi pedalboard project


ten string guitar


duplex printing on a simplex printer


miracles etc - thoughts on the incarnation, the crucifixion, the resurrection, other miracles, and how they all fit together


Microsoft Word viewers - If you don't use MS-Word, you need to know about these and similar programs; If you do, it's even more important to be aware of them.


eCards etc - why many of your friends don't want you to send them


Ceroc - a newish and very fun dance


capo - should a guitarist use one?


megachurches - some thoughts


fictional universes - why the current trend to provide them is in some cases inaccurate


copyright - Would we be better without it?


WORM drives - one of my professional failures


Christian Sexuality - a user guide (aka csaug)

blue balls - a csaug topic

Viagra - not all it may seem




The Bible


tremolo arms


See also






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