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The Bible

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I teach year 5 and 6 scripture or Special Religious Education (SRE).


One of the songs that comes with the material is called B-I-B-L-E and contains the line every single word of it is true...


The people who wrote this material obviously don't know the kids in my classes. They're post-modern. They evaluate. If I were to use this song, with its trite and obviously false statement, it would blow my credibility completely. I don't mean that these kids have studied modern linguistics or mathematical logic enough to know that even talking about a single word being true is nonsensical. I just mean, they aren't that stupid. They think globally, and that assertion will just make them think, um, maybe not. And that will be that.


So, wait a minute. What am I doing teaching SRE if I don't think the Bible is true? Oh, but I do. I just think there are better ways of introducing people to its truth.


The Bible and marriage have at least two things in common:


  • People spend a lot of time defending them.
  • They don't need any defending.


Defending them is worse than a waste of time. It's counter-productive. Let's just encourage people to read the Bible. My experience has been, nothing else is necessary. It's a remarkably good read.


Personally, I find it most helpful to think of the Bible as a speech act of God. I can't see how it can be anything less. As such, I am under its authority.


My favourite book on biblical exegesis is Darrel Huff's How to lie with statistics. If you sit down with a Bible and an opinion and the goal of justifying the opinion, eventually you will convince yourself you have succeeded. This proves nothing. The Bible, like statistical data, must be approached in good faith. If you don't want to see what it's saying, you probably won't.


On the other hand, I don't think you need faith to be blessed by reading the Bible. Just an open mind. As I said, it's a remarkably good read.


And this ties in with my belief that the miraculous exists. That God is a God who has acted and continues to act. I can't see how anything less than this is worthy to be called God.

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