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why Wikipedia can do better

Page history last edited by Andrew Alder 4 years, 6 months ago

See also why Wikipedia is not so great which is what inspired this page


Now don't get me wrong,


I love Wikipedia






for where I'm coming from.


But like all democracies, sometimes Wikipedia does some strange and sad things.


And we can do better, and will, and in many cases we already have. This page is part of my attempt to stay sane and motivated while that happens.


Much of what is in the pages below is of necessity original research. As such it doesn't belong in Wikipedia. But what it does do is show that what is in Wikipedia is wrong. Room for improvement. Which is what collaboration is all about.




Wikipedia has a strong and sound policy of discouraging editors from promoting personal points of view. But sometimes they slip through the cracks:









IMO Wikipedia's biggest problem. Some members of the US of A really think the civilised world stops as soon as you leave their sphere of influence. And the problem is there's some justification for this. There are many ways in which for better or worse they do lead the world. This website is hosted there, for example! That's my choice, and I did it for good reasons. And so is Wikipedia.


Here are some specific problems produced, at least in part, by US-centricity:







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