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Nokia handsfree

Page history last edited by Andrew Alder 7 years, 8 months ago


It seems so simple... I have a Nokia 1209, a very basic cell 'phone, and I'm getting a lot of calls while driving and would like to take them, but that's not legal in Australia or safe anywhere. So I need a handsfree kit.


Ideally what I'd like is a loudspeaker to plug into the cigarette lighter or into a USB port, and a microphone to place on the driver's visor. I have had similar rigs for several previous cell phones. Then I also need either a cradle so that I can reach the 'phone's answer and end buttons easily or better still a remote answer/end button near the mike, and that's it. The 1209 doesn't speak Bluetooth, and in any case, why bother with a wireless protocol? The 'phone isn't all that old and is a popular brand and has their standard headset connector, a 4-conductor 3.5mm jack, used by several other manufacturers as well.


Sounds simple? Off the shelf surely? Not one bit... the easiest and possibly cheapest option is to buy a new 'phone. Welcome to consumerism.


The 'phone's handbook says of course "use only genuine Nokia accessories" and I would be happy to if they were available, especially as the handset may well try to sense what's plugged in to it by the impedences between the conductors and throw a willy if it doesn't recognise the intruder. But they're not very readily available to say the least. The only thing on offer either online or through any of the local stores is the Nokia WH-100 (or WH-102) which isn't quite what I want but would do the job sort of. It seems readily available online and possibly over the counter in Parramatta, about half an hour's drive (each way) away, about $10 plus delivery.



http://www.mobileciti.com.au/nokia-stereo-headset-wh-102 stereo version, would almost certainly do exactly the same job but I think I'd prefer mono anyway for several reasons

http://www.mobileciti.com.au/contact-us/ ph 9893 8886


The WH-100 appears to have a 2.5mm connector but comes with an adaptor to plug into a 3.5mm socket, such as I have on the 1209 'phone.




Amazon has the WH-100, and lists the 1209 as a compatible 'phone as do all other sites that have such information.




The local 'phone and electronics shops just look blank when I ask for a WH-100, and when I say it's a wired headset some of the youthful staff look as though they think I'm stupid to think that a non-bluetooth device would ever have existed and stupider still to want to buy one. One says authoritatively that the 3.5mm 4 pole connector is used only on iPhones, and looks very nervous when I show him the headset connector on the Nokia, he obviously thinks that the bare plug I now have (see below) doesn't really fit it and will damage the 'phone even with it turned off. I suspect that he's heard that the Apple iPhone etc and Nokia connectors are incompatible (which is true, the pinouts are different) and hasn't understood what he was told. Perhaps he's even seen equipment damaged. Perhaps he's even done it. Another assures me that all Nokia 'phones speak Bluetooth, despite my having in my hand one that all the documentation says doesn't (some of it explicitly), and wants to sell me a (very nice) Bluetooth handsfree. I resist the temptation to hand him the 'phone and invite him to find the menu option to enable Bluetooth, no telling what settings the idiot might change, and fortunately he doesn't ask or offer to do it. This is what we call progress.


Brand X is worse... nothing at all. Possibly asking for trouble anyway, although I've had off-the-shelf brand X solutions for all my previous 'phones and they have all worked faultlessly.




DIY? The local Jaycar has four-conductor plugs but no sockets. I buy one for $4.95.




A local newsagency has 4-pole M-F extension leads which may be very useful intact or (if I care to risk trying to connect to the probably very fine wires or worse that cutting it will expose) may give me both a plug and a line socket. I buy one for $3.60 and am very tempted to buy the rest of the stock, only two more on the shelf. Later I return and buy a second, leaving them one. I seem to have only two prospects of obtaining a socket, this or obtaining a broken 'phone to cannibalise.


One possibility is to use one of these M-F leads as a line socket by wrapping fine wire and insulating material around its plug, this technique sounds messy but works well if done carefully and is a lot easier than soldering to fine wires in non heat resisting insulation and a lot more robust than either that or using screw terminals or crimp connectors for the same fine wires. This same plug-wrapping technique could also be used to connect directly to a WH-100 or similar, which could eliminate the need for a socket at all. I have a source of plugs to fit the 'phone. 


A couple of online shops offer 4-pole M-M leads but they're useless to me without a socket. Some offer other connection options, some labelled Nokia, some generic, but I don't really want for example an expensive lead to connect three RCA connectors to the 'phone




and then have to figure out how to handle the electronics, particularly the protocol for the answer/end button although several of the pinout diagrams available on the web do describe something like it.


http://pinouts.ru/HeadsetsHeadphones/nokia_headset_pinout.shtml 3.5mm but does not mention the 1209 

http://pinoutsguide.com/HeadsetsHeadphones/nokia_handsfree_pinout.shtml 2.5mm or 3.5mm and lists the 1209 as "compatible"


The answer/end button is not essential, I've never had one before, but it's a very nice touch if it can be done. It may even eliminate the need to touch the 'phone at all, so no cradle would be needed. And I've paid for a 'phone that supports it, after all.


If I had a little powered loudspeaker that plugged into the car's electrics for power (lighter plug or USB say) and into the phone's headset connector for signal, that would be a start.


And the WH-100 provides the only other function I really need, and probably several more that I don't need but would love to have, such as turning off the 'phone's internal microphone and loudspeaker automatically when the 'phone senses its presence. Or that may even happen just by plugging anything into the headset connector.


So if this loudspeaker unit took a voltage-only signal from the 'phone's headset connector audio output, and also provided a female 3.5mm 4 pole connector in which to plug in the WH-100 and just connected that pin for pin to the 'phone, that would probably be a complete solution. Hopefully the 'phone would then just sense the WH-100. The WH-100 microphone and answer/end button could go on the driver's visor (it's very easy to run a fine cable inside the trim on the A pillar next to the driver's door, works well and looks great, the cable emerges next to the visor pivot and is otherwise invisible) and its earpiece could be simply tucked away in the visor and unused (as far from the mike as is convenient, but cutting it off just risks upsetting the 'phone, so if it causes problems just wrap it in cotton wool).


A slightly more elegant solution would be achieved by interrupting the signal to the earpiece. Another possible variation is, perhaps no amplification is needed if the right loudspeaker is used.. this involves a little more R&D in some ways but obviously simplifies others, notably by removing any possible problem with coupling that might otherwise present itself because the loudspeaker and 'phone charger share a power supply.  


Phoned mobileciti Parramatta store (see above), they had only the stereo version WH-102 available, and the salesperson had no clue as to whether either were compatible with the Nokia 1209 nor any suggestions of a headset or handsfree that might be... but considering his lack of product knowledge and more important his lack of any sign of interest I didn't really expect any worthwhile suggestions. And parking in Parramatta is a nightmare, you do get 3 hours free at the shopping centre but the GPS is no help finding your way in and out of the parking station or back to your car afterwards. So, created an online account instead and ordered two WH-100 headsets, $8 each which came to $29.80 total including shipping and Amex surcharge. I'm a bit skeptical that the salesperson couldn't have obtained them for me if he'd wanted to, but it's worth the $13.80 not to need to drive there and then negotiate with disinterested staff who don't have what I really want anyway... possibly even only $9.80, as I didn't get an over the counter price on the WH-102, but the online price was the same as the WH-100, $8 reduced from $10 each.


Watch this space, they say 3-7 business days delivery.


Well that order was placed on the 16th of March and it's now the 3rd of April, and the site didn't indicate the WH-100 was out of stock when I placed the order... but on reflection it didn't say it was in stock either. When I checked the online order status it said "back order". I should have done that before, obviously! So I 'phoned them... very helpful, a little apologetic, the stock arrived today and I should have delivery tomorrow. We will see. 


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