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see also index of theology 


I'm finally getting around to putting some theology on the web.


One of the reasons it has taken so long is that I've only recently started to suspect it will do some good.  Years ago a friend of mine and I were pondering the following question: Why are so many churches whose theology is impeccable dead, while so many whose theology is seriously wonky are alive?


The situation was that she was about to leave the theologically sound church at which she led the primary age program and join a theologically wonky church which she had been attending on the quiet in the evenings. Her new church was pentecostal (and that's not in itself a bad thing, just the opposite, see some modern heresies) and honestly seemed to believe that if you don't speak in tongues then you're probably not a Christian at all, and at best a second-rate Christian. Which of course is a common but indefensible position. I suspect that her dilemma is also a common one.


We came to the conclusion that God is not very interested in theology. God is interested in faith. These days I'd add, and in obedience. And probably something else, these things tend to come in threes, not sure what yet. And she obediently went to a theologically wonky church, and I think it was a good decision, and also quite a common one in recent church history.


But there is at least one reason that good theology is important, and we have already touched on it. And that is, to help alleviate the damage caused by wonky theology. It does cause damage. Rick Warren's second-best line is "The churched and the unchurched agree on one thing... they both hate evangelism". In my opinion and experience this has entirely been caused by bad preaching that has promoted bad evangelism, on a foundation of bad theology.


So, we'll try to develop and promote some good theology.  


See judgement and the Blood of Jesus for my first attempts. Further pages will come at the Bible and speaking in Tongues I hope.


Or see cyberchurch for some previous attempts that have yet to come to very much.



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